Ready for Your Next Refrigerator Repair Service?

If you are currently having any problems with your fridge, you do not have to wait but troubleshoot them immediately. Do not risk the quality of your food and call a licensed refrigerator repair service technician now. Below, you will find the most common issues listed:

  • Loud noises. A well-working appliance should produce a normal low noise. But when it is too loud, maybe there is something wrong with your evaporator fan motor or it is the condenser fan motor. If the problem is with the first part, you will notice the loud sounds coming out of the freezer. A faulty evaporator fan motor can be easily replaced. If it is the condenser fan motor, you will hear those noises from the bottom of your fridge. They both must be inspected professionally and replaced if needed.

  • Strange puddles. A properly-functioning appliance should not leak. But if you spot any puddles around it, you need to hire a skilled repairman to diagnose the cause of this trouble. Door gaskets and seals are the first parts that come in mind. Look at your refrigerator’s door for any worn pieces of the seal and check for water marks. If there any water drops on the door’s seal, it will have to be removed and replaced. Or it could be the water inlet valve. It is located near the bottom, at the rare of your fridge. If it is defective, it will have to be replaced.

  • A not-working ice maker. There is nothing more frustrating than taking out your favorite ice cream of the freezer and seeing that it has melted. This usually means a faulty ice maker. The reason could be a damaged water inlet valve or an issue with the water fill tubes. An experienced technician will inspect them thoroughly for any cracks or other signs of damage and replace them.

  • The fridge is not working at all. Having a warm refrigerator is a serious problem. Still, you will need to hire a good specialist to investigate all the possible culprits, such as the air damper, baffle, or diffuser. If any of them is defective, they must be replaced.

If you experience any issues with your appliance, do not delay and get in contact with Primo Minneapolis Appliance Services. You can find the refrigerator repair service professionals in Minneapolis, MN at (612) 594-8449.

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