A Trustworthy Refrigerator Repair Service Contractor Explains

You would agree that your fridge is one of your most important kitchen appliances. Keeping it running like new is very easy by following some vital and effective maintenance tips. Listen to the advice of a skilled refrigerator repair service contractor:

  • Keep the condenser coils clean. Add this tip to your checklist with mandatory rules. Your fridge’s condenser coils are located either behind or at the bottom of your appliance. Removing the buildup dirt and dust will help it function at its peak performance. Do this at least twice a year, specialists advise. If you skip this minor but important tip, you will have to face high utility bills.

  • Keep the door seals in good condition. What is that? That means cleaning them regularly, as well as checking them for any signs of wear and tear. As soon as you spot any, call a licensed technician to perform the relevant repairs. Make sure they don’t have any food leftovers on them and don’t slam the door.

  • Keep its indoor temperature somewhere in the middle. If you set your refrigerator’s thermostat in too low or too high temperatures, it will need additional power to maintain it. Additional power means additional money going out of your wallet. So, the best temperature is between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Occasional interior cleaning. Wash your refrigerator’s interior on a weekly basis with a soft sponge and clean cloth. Use warm soapy water to eliminate all the spills, crumbs, and splashes on the shelves and door. Plus, do not forget to clean its exterior too, including the door and the handles.

  • Keep your refrigerator’s door and freezer’s door close during a power failure. This crucial step will help you keep its internal temperature longer and preserve the quality of your food. A closed fridge will keep your food safe from spoiling for hours.

Whenever you have any concerns or problems with your refrigerator or HVAC system, make sure to call a refrigerator repair service provider like Primo Minneapolis Appliance Services. We are based in Minneapolis, MN and stand behind our work. You can contact our professionals at (612) 594-8449.

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